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Careers in Music Workshop

Careers in Music Workshop

In March, interested TY students attended a Careers in Music virtual seminar hosted by Mr Kilkenny.

During the event students explored the various pathways to a successful career in music - from Artist to Label to Venue. They discovered that there are countless ways of “making it” in the music industry.

The session was based on the five different types of careers in music, briefly describing what each entails.

The information is very pertinent to students who may be thinking of perusing a career in the music industry and the content of the seminar gave plenty of food for thought.

A huge “Thank You” to Mr Kilkenny for giving up his time to research and host the seminar.

What the TYs said about the event:

"I found the event to be very interesting and well-explained."

"I found the part on performance to be relevant, the section on teaching was also useful too; as explained, teaching music is a much steadier means of income in the music business, teaching music still gives you the opportunity to perform on the side (in your free-time) for your own benefit. I’ll have to take a look into the course at irishinstituteofmusic.com"

"It really made me think about the future and the paths that are open to me. I hadn’t thought about some things that Mr Kilkenny spoke about in the talk."

"It was a good talk and the question and answer session at the end was helpful."

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