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The Junior Certificate Schools Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. Currently the programme is operating in 240 schools throughout the country.

Is the JCSP an alternative to the Junior Certificate?

No. The JCSP is not an alternative to the Junior Cycle Programme. The JCSP operates in parallel with the Junior Cycle Programme. The JCSP involves a different approach to the Junior Cycle Curriculum - one which is based on continual assessment. JCSP students are prepared for final Junior Certificate Examinations through the continual assessment approach. Integral to the programme is a greater emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills as well as social skills. The purpose of the JCSP Programme is to offer students positive experiences.

The Profiling System

Continual assessment is operated through the profiling system. Each subject area is divided into statements. Each statement is an area of learning. These statements are broken down into learning targets.

Teachers decide which statements the students will work on. Beside each target are three boxes they each represent work begun, work in progress and work completed, respectively. The boxes are filled accordingly. Once 80% or all of the targets on a statement are completed the statement can be awarded to the student.

The JCSP coordinator liaises with JCSP subject teachers and organises a Statement Award Celebration.

The aim of the profiling system is to engage the student in the learning process. Students are aware of the learning targets and are aware that they are progressing. This provides the student with a positive experience of school.

Literacy and Numeracy

With its strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, the JCSP Programme offers schools the opportunity to apply for certain initiatives. The JCSP coordinator applies for these initiatives and once granted they are run in the school to promote and support literacy and numeracy skills.

The following initiatives have been implemented and continue to run successfully in our school:


  • Bodhrán Workshop
  • Debating
  • History
  • Music
  • Oral Language Development
  • Reading Challenge


  • Bodhrán Workshop 2
  • History
  • Reading Challenge
  • Home Economics: Celebrity Chef
  • Literacy in the Classroom


  • Arts & Crafts
  • Book Review
  • Environmental & Social Science
  • History
  • Home Economics: Celebrity Chef


  • Digital Storytelling
  • Environmental & Social Science
  • Home Economics: Celebrity Chef
  • Keywords
  • Paired Maths


  • Geography
  • Home Economics: Christmas Cookery
  • Well-being: Keeping Active
  • Book Review / Read Along
  • Maths Challenge

For more information about the JCSP log onto www.jcsp.ie

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