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Clifden CS Brief Update 3

Dear all,
Many have been requesting exact details of students return to school. This is what is planned at the moment. Class will end at 13.20 each day (subject to confirmation with Bus operators) and the student's timetable will be temporary. Staff need time to engage fully with Covid Training and Protocols, as well as to review students return, hence the 13.20 finishing time.The full timetable will operate from September 7th.
Tues Sept 1st Wed Sept 2nd Thurs Sept 3rd Fri Sept 4th
1st & 6th Years 5th & 6th Years 2nd & 3rd Years TY and 6th Years
Some further details about uniform - Students will wear their PE clothes on the day they have PE. As these clothes will be worn throughout the day, it will need to be appropriate ie a plain white polo t shirt, black sweat-pants (not leggings), a plain black hoodie (Junior students), a plain grey hoodie (Senior students). All of these items are readily available from chain stores such as Penneys, Dunnes Stores and Marks and Spencers.
There have also been queries related to concerns about health and members of the school community at high risk or very high risk. The school's Covid Response Plan will issue on Wednesday and this will answer many questions that you have - it does not deviate from the Government Protocols but local arrangements particular to our school are included. Remaining queries will be addressed on an individual basis by the end of the week.
There really is a lot going on here at the moment as we seek to ensure as safe as possible return for all, as well as the normal functions of a school. Second Years got their books today and cleared their lockers. We hope to distribute books to First Years on Wednesday, and to Fifth Years on Thursday. A text message will issue to this effect tomorrow. The payments due for books, Brennans Insurance, the Student Diary and a Face Shield, for the various year groups will be sent to you, to be settled on Way2Pay.
We're still looking for a recommendation on your behalf, for a device suitable for your children for use in school and at home.
We'll let you know about canteen arrangements as soon as we know them ourselves as we are currently discussing this with the School Food Company.
Finally, this is a brief update, and a (final) more detailed one will issue by the end of the week.
Keep well,
Mary Kelly
25 2021
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