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First Year Students Prepare for World Book Day!

Ireland celebrates World Book Day on the 1st March 2018, and our first year students have been participating in a book swap in preparation!
First Year Students Prepare for World Book Day!

Give a book, get a book...

Students from class 1B, were asked to bring any book they have read and were willing to give away to another student. Students were asked to write a letter 📝 to attach to the book explaining what they liked about the book, their favorite characters, the setting and any memories they had of reading the book. Students then “posted” to book in our World Book Day post box 📮. The books were randomly assigned to students and wrapped to mimic a letter, in theme with our post box. Every student received a book and will be asked to read this book in the upcoming weeks leading to World Book Day. Students will be given time in class to present the book received to the class and their own feedback. The simple “give a book, get a book” 📚 activity is easy and cost-free and promotes reading in a positive way! 👍

25 2018
Positive Parenting Information Event
hosted by Galway Rural Development
Just a few shot's from the official opening day.
Clifden CS (3) v Seamount Kinvara (1)
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