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New School Update

New School Update
New School Update

New School Update:

Wednesday October 11th: Update on move to the new school – the final countdown!

Dear Parents / Guardians

We are expecting the handover of the new school to take place next Monday October 16th. This will
mean the there will be no school for students on Tuesday and Wednesday October 17th and 18th.
Third Year and Sixth year students will return on Thursday October 19th. Remaining year groups will
return on Friday 20th. There will be NO Evening Study from October 16th (including October 16th)
Students will need to take home all textbooks, copies and personal items by Thursday evening,
October 12th. There can be nothing left in the student lockers or on bag racks.

Any items in the school which will no longer be required will be available for sale by the Parents
Association at a time to be confirmed. All proceeds will go to the Astroturf fund. Please see the
Parents Association Facebook page for more information. Items not needed for the school to
function on Monday October 16th may be removed over the weekend – lockers, bookcases, desks
in the Art Room.

Please understand that there is a possibility that these plans could change, which is why the
school has not issued detailed planning of the move to date. The school website has had updates
of the rescheduled dates over the past few weeks. At the time of writing, we are the most hopeful
that we have been of the handover date not changing.

A text message has issued to all parents, advising that each student has been given a copy of this
letter. Some LC students are on a biology field trip today, therefore they will not have the letter this
evening. The letter is also being forwarded by email, and is on the school web-site. It must be
emphasised at this point, that although all plans are provisional, they are not expected to change.
A text message will issue on Monday 16th, confirming the handover.
Looking forward to the move, and thanking you all for your on-going support and cooperation,

Mary Kelly
Principal Clifden CS

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