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Psychology: Transition Year Students now Reading Minds!

This academic year 2018/2019 will see Transiition Year students complete a module in Psychology (The study of behaviour)
Psychology: Transition Year Students now Reading Minds!

Transition Year students become pioneers as they see the first roll out of Psychology, as a taught programme in Clifden Community School.

Throughout this academic year, students will complete the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. The Philosophical Basis of Psychology
  3. Modern Psychology
  4. Biological Psychology (Gender)
  5. Cognitive Psychology (Memory)
  6. Social Psychology (Obdience)
  7. Social Psychology (Atypical Behviour)
  8. Biological Psychology (Criminal Behaviour)
  9. Developmental Psychology (Cognitive Development)
  10. Social Psycholgoy (Non-Verbal communication)
  11. "The Self"
  12. Abnormal Psychology

The aim of the programme is to develop students' understanding of the principles of behavioural learning and contribute to their awareness of the physical and social environment which surrounds them and which informs human behaviour.

The programme is specifically designed for Transition year students and will be taught from a scientific perspective with the utmost regard for ethics.

As this is the first year that TY students are undergoing the module, students will be called on to reflect on their own learning and on the programme itself. Throughout the year, students will be asked for their valued feedback on the Psychology programme and any necessary adaptations will be made to best suit the needs of the students.

Updates on the programme will be posted here. For further information on the programme, please feel free to contact Ms. Mernagh.

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