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QQI Contingency Arrangement for Delivery, Assessment, and External Authentication

Please see Clifden Community School’s outlined contingency plan . . .
QQI Contingency Arrangement for Delivery, Assessment, and External Authentication

We have followed the advice from the HSE and QQI to ensure the safety and welfare of our students and staff.
Our main objective is to adhere as much as possible to our current academic schedule and have learners graduate with intended Major Award in Business Administration.

Teaching and Learning
All staff and students have access to their Office 365 accounts through which they can maintain contact with tutors directly. They can do this through the chat facility or email.
Zoom has been identified as the platform best suited to delivery of online classes.
All tutors will be in contact with course co-ordinator and senior management electronically.
A range of educational apps will be used to make lessons engaging, with access to informative resources.
Work and assignments will be managed through the Microsoft Teams App which facilitates all aspects of delivery, receipt and feedback to individual learner.
Learners will be provided with links to all support material available from QQI, Fess, and other agencies.
Links will be provided for all educational books and resources provided by publishers.
Information resources and support on mental health issues will be provided for students.
All students progress will be monitored and additional support offered if need identified.

If necessary, assessment arrangements may be adjusted from approved validated programme, this will be directly communicated to learners in advance.
Alternative options will be put on place for delivery of assessment, all assessment will continue to assess a range of learning outcomes applicable to the award standard.
Tutors will collectively devise assessment that meets the outlined criteria and be supported through the process. Systems and processes will be put in place to ensure the submission, marking, storage and return of assessment is transparent.
Internal and External Authentication process will follow guidelines outlined by QQI and supporting agencies to ensure continued fair and transparent assessment of learners through the awarding process.
In order to ensure fairness and equity, learners must be supported in advance and throughout the assessment. Technology support will be provided in form of tablet or laptop if required by the learner.
Where assessment technique requires skills demonstration this will be recorded where possible

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